There are many websites that have lists of tutors by location, subject, etc. And it's FREE for tutors to sign up. See the list of websites below! Therefore, I'm sorry, but I'm no longer accepting tutors for this website because it takes up too much of my time.

If you are interested in either online tutoring or paid advertising for a spot on this website and www.tutor-homework.com, then please send your info to me at admin@tutor-homework.com or call me at 918-850-5925. Thanks.

I am looking for online tutors in biology, life sciences, and advanced levels of mathematics, chemistry, and physics to partner with. Please email me or call (see info above).

Here are websites that list tutors FREE of charge! :

(1) www.tutorprofiles.com. Very simple to use and free.
(2) www.tutorbungalow.com. Tutorbungalow is a NEW site and offers free and enhanced listings for tutors.
(3) Craigslist search under your state and city then under "Services" and "Lessons".
(4) Local.yahoo.com
(5) www.directoryoftutors.com
(6) www.orbitutors.com
(7) www.tutoringservices.com
(8) www.findatutor.ca. It's good, but for Canada tutors only.
Tutor Application
$5 one time fee:
Send the following information to admin@tutor-pages.com.
(1) Your full name.
(2) Your rates.
(3) Your phone number.
(4) Your country, state/province, and city.
(5) A short description of yourself and the subjects you tutor. Please keep it to 350 characters or less, including spaces.
(6) Optional: You may also send a Word document/resume to attach that will be public on the website.
Sorry, but I will not list your email. I will link to your website if you do the same for me.

Enhanced listing (your own webpage):
Email your info or any questions to admin@tutor-homework.com.
There is a one time fee of $20 to set up a webpage for individual tutors. The webpage will be up as long as I keep the website running.
There is a yearly fee of $20 for tutoring companies to be listed and have a small webpage on my website.
You can send me your specifications for what you'd like on your web page.
I'll build the webpage with html only, but you can send me graphics or links that you'd like on the webpage.
The webpage will have the URL: www.tutor-pages.com/yourwebpage.html

Online Tutors (or homework help via email):
Email your info or any questions to admin@tutor-homework.com.
Online tutors can be listed similarly to those above, but the rates will be $50 per month.
I will also list your webpage on www.tutor-homework.com, my other website where I offer online homework help.